My father was an avid runner and a baseball coach for years and my mother was active in aerobics. I enjoyed Little League with Dad and loved watching Mom move & groove in step class. Growing up with two older brothers has helped a sister out as well! One of my fondest memories is playing two hand touch in the street. Our family has always been in shape, so to speak, and we were well nourished by Mom's cooking - breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I was active in cheerleading, cross country, and track & field during school. I also earned my brown belt in Taekwondo. After high school I attended a local community college continuing my passion for health and fitness, and never turned back. I became a certified group fitness instructor and went ham! I remember reading anything and everything that had to do with fitness and bodybuilding competitions back then. Following icons: Jenny Lynn, Jen Hendershott, Monica Brant, Elaine Goodlad, Adela Garcia, and Nicole Wilkins. Those one pieces were everything! I don't care if it were a pain in the ass, they looked sleek and sexy. My brother’s girlfriend at that time competed in figure competitions and to this day I continue to look up to her.  So I was in love for sure - it sealed the deal - and I knew one day I would compete.


It was around 2008 where I worked for corporate wellness and at my martial arts school as an instructor and part time in local gym when I added the "gym" side to my fitness regimen. I used machines and free weights in addition to instructing classes. I began structuring my routines with a purpose and focusing on nutrition. I would pencil and paper my workouts and secretly doodle down random words of encouragement. I loved the way muscle looked and was intrigued by the feeling of power and pump through strength training and structure. It was second nature to me and my form was pretty spectacular, if I do say so myself. Soon I had friends and family asking me for advice. I went ahead to become a certified personal trainer and started putting myself out there gaining experience with clients. This furthered me to read more about proper nutrition and overall wellness. I never want to stop learning. 

On April 12, 2014 I placed 1st in the Novice Figure division at the INBF Northeast America Bodybuilding & Figure Championships. I have butterflies simply writing this. To fully express my emotions leading up to this day, on this day and still to this day would take a sit down dinner. Salute! 

On August 19, 2017 I placed 3rd and 4th in my Figure Divisions at the East Coast Championship and again on November 11, 2017 at the Eastern USA Championships. 

2018 is looking brighter by the day! I will continue to pursue my passion for the stage and look forward to unfolding my future in this industry.



My educational background began with martial arts/kickboxing and includes Health Science schooling. I’ve been teaching group exercise for the past 12 years and personal training for 8 years. I am a certified professional with AFAA, NASM, and CPR/AED, as well as Health Coaching for Nutrition for Sports & Exercise and Lifestyle Enrichment through Precision Nutrition.

I am a Nationally Qualified Figure Competitor and Oxygen Magazine's Nov/Dec 2017 Future of Fitness featured models. 

Alongside my career, I just celebrated my 12th year of employment as a Fitness Professional for HealthFitness Corporation. Our corporate wellness team all share the same passion for making a difference in people's lives.

FUN FACT: Aside from my passion for health & fitness, I am a huge animal advocate. Animal rescue is also my lifestyle. I live it, love it, and try to encourage others to adopt!

My purpose for living is to change the lives of people and shelter pets... one at a time.

This is my life(style)

Car ride with Tyger & Niko