Legs SuperSet 1


Yesterday I was short on time, but wanted to get in a great gams workout (obvi) before my KickFit class over at Bodhi.

I love using supersets not only when time is limited, but also to keep the intensity cranking. And plyometric exercises are on my favorites list!

After a dynamic warmup and several sets of DB squats, I went into my 1st superset, as shown here: 3 sets BB squat 20 reps s/s BW jump squats 20 reps.

My complete workout consisted of 2 supersets (4 exercises total) and 1 triset (3 exercises total). Short & Sweet.

#video #legs #squats #supersets #jumpsquats #barbellsquat #highintensity #plyometrics #fortheloveofsweat

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