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I'm addicted to shoes, I absolutely love shoes, especially sneakers. I live in sneakers daily and match my outfits accordingly. Don't front fellas, I know you men do it as well, it's not just a chick thing anymore. "Gym swag" is OOC (out of control) these days and I'm not complaining. Look good feel good, right? Sneakers make me feel happy, but most importantly is how they fit! Investing in a good pair of sneakers that helps your foot adapt to the motion of activity you do is crucial. I know I'm lowering my chances of injury and increasing overall performance by being mindful of this.

Running, kickboxing, walking, cross training, and dancing are activites I engage in every day so my sneaker rotation legit makes me smile from heels to head. Getting your gait analyzed is a great idea if you're unsure of what kind of footwear you should be training in... I recommend it!

Below are some of my footwear (not pictured 20 more lol) I rotate depending on my schedule, activity, and just how colorful I'm feeling that particular day :-)

I only really run in Asics or Saucony. Their support and cushioning is just right for me. I'll bust out my old Nike Shox on days I'm training upper body or seeing more clients than training. I am wearing those bright fluorescent yellow New Balances today because I plan on doing more lower body (squats and deadifts) and their sole is flat, better for balance, and super lightweight.

There's always room for more! Tell me what your faves are and why!


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